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How it works

Drop is a delivery service that brings top quality, expertly chosen, great value wines to your doorstep, workplace or picnic rug. That's it.
They’re very simple. If you want to order for immediate delivery (ASAP) then it’s £5 per delivery. If you want to choose a 1-hour time slot, then it’s £2. Anything else is free. Hope that clears it up.
Tap here to view our delivery area.
Share your Drop wine promo code with friends and get free wine.

You can find your personal Drop Wine promo code by opening the Drop app and tapping on the menu icon at the top left then tapping on "free wine".
7 days a week 12 – 11pm

We’re keen to hear from you. Please feel free to email any feedback you may have - negative or positive (and hopefully constructive) to

For any order queries please email

Drop HQ - 0203 422 1010
It’s very simple. Have any wine delivered and you will automatically be entered into the raffle for that week. Winner is announced on Monday mornings to cheer you up. Don’t worry, we won’t publish your personal information or anything like that. What we will publish though is the actual wine which we assure you will be very special.
Yep- that can definitely happen, sorry. Email and we’ll get back to you about collection and either a refund or a replacement.
You can be sure we won’t be very happy about that either, but feel free to call us on 02034221010 or email us at
Of course.  Their number will be sent to you along with notification of their estimated time of arrival as soon as they are on their way. 
We’re trying to make this as simple as possible so no, you don’t need to sign for delivery. We can leave the wine wherever you like, but if it’s not there when you get home, that’s on you.
I’m sure your driver would be pretty happy about that, but please feel under no obligation.
Yes, email us at, although you’ll have to leave it to our discretion as to whether we can or not.
Damn Straight. We’re in Covent Garden. 39 Endell St, London, WC2H 9BA and we’re there between Midday and 11pm, 7 days a week (not Christmas Day though!)

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