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About us

What is Drop?

Drop is an on-demand virtual wine cellar that brings top quality, carefully chosen, great value wines to your doorstep, workplace or picnic rug at the push of a smartphone.  That's it.

Why Drop?

We launched Drop as a solution to overwhelming - and often overpriced - supermarket wine shelves, intimidating wine merchants, hastily purchased bottles, and a general lack of options when it comes to having great wines delivered to your door when you need them.

Launching in Covent Garden in 2016, Drop was in the perfect position to reach all parts of London, and is now in the process of expanding nationwide.

Every single wine has been tasted and vetted, each assessed for value both in your pocket and in your glass.

This is not a rapidly thrown together list of bottles whose margins are juicier than their finish, but great value wines which cost the same from the app as they do from our shop. 

With more of us taking a greater interest in what we're drinking - while often preferring not to spend a fortune nor invest in a pair of red trousers - Drop is a virtual cellar for all wine-lovers.

About Our Founders

Drop founders Ian Campbell and Will Palmer have been best friends since meeting in a French lecture at university almost 20 years ago. In 2011 they launched the hugely popular 10 Cases Bistrot a Vin in Covent Garden, later opening a wine bar next door, and a fish restaurant, Parsons, in 2017. They remain to this day as balanced and harmonious as Cabernet and Merlot, Grenache and Syrah, Fino and chips.

This is reflected in their love of wine, which is built on their firm belief that quality and enjoyment don't have to mean spending a pile of cash, but rather on taking the time to root out the diamonds in the rough. In a world that sees rather too much hay and not many needles, this takes a level of time, tenacity, and knowledge that few have. You're in very safe hands.

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